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Big bullet   Angels at Work - Dignity Foundation

Therapy dog Angel works with the elderly at Dignity FoundationIn April 1995 Dignity Foundation was set up by Dr. Sheilu Sreenivasan to cater to the needs of the elderly. This organisation runs a day care centre for senior citizens suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

We work at the Dementia day-care centre along with therapy dog, Buddy.

These clients with Dementia may be dealing with several issues like combating loneliness, depression, and disorientation. The presence of a happy and relaxed dog helps brighten the mood of these people who are sensitive to emotions.

Therapy dog Angel works with the elderly at Dignity Foundation

Just petting and brushing his soft fur also helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Our therapy focuses on improving /stabilizing certain cognitive, speech, physical and social skills. For example those not involved in any physical activity, or find it boring, strengthen weak muscles through games like playing ball or brushing the dog, which to them is fun.

This project has been made possible thanks to the generosity of Mrs Brinda Upadhyaya who runs ASHA Trust that works in the field of animal welfare.


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