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Therapy session at Manav FoundationThe Manav Rehabilitation Centre is a day care therapeutic facility for adults suffering from mental illnesses/emotional disturbances where we conduct individual and group therapy sessions.

In individual sessions we work along with our canine co-therapist Ace . These clients tend to focus on themselves. Ace helps them refocus themselves on their environment because, rather than thinking and talking about themselves and their problems, they watch and talk to and about Ace. The unconditional love they receive from our therapy dog makes the clients feel fully accepted without the fear of rejection. The goal of this process is to improve communication and interaction in interpersonal relationships and with therapists.

Therapy session at Manav FoundationTherapy dog Dexter works with the clients at Manav in group sessions. He helps to assist the clients to be more responsible, orient themselves to reality, focus their attention, socialize with others and express their emotions. Dexter also serves as a "role model" for the clients with regard to self-care and personal hygiene as they take turns in grooming him and feeding him.


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