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Ace the Labrador

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Simbaa and Jiyon

Big bullet   Testimonials - Simbaa and Jiyon

Simbaa and Jiyon playing at homeGetting Simbaa has been one of the better decisions I have taken in life. Simbaa behaves as a perfect therapy dog should. Simbaa doesn't bark, is completely toilet trained, listens to commands of sitting, lying down, staying at a place, being within a particular periphery if asked and till the time he is released, and all the other basics. He is a thorough young gentle well behaved boy, shaping up I'm sure, to be a thorough gentleman.

Simbaa has this uncanny understanding of sensing tension or stress in anyone at home even before it surfaces or becomes evident. The moment Jiyon starts to show unhappiness or aggression Simbaa is completely around Jiyon, either licking his hand or nudging him or jumping on him. It doesn't end there, Jiyon many times continues to be in anger, pulls Simbaa's tongue, ears. The strange part is Simbaa would not move away from Jiyon. He won't even like me holding Jiyon. He would continue to be with him, calming him down.

Therapy dog Simbaa and Jiyon chilling at home on thc couch

Rohini, I can never thank you enough. Nothing of this would have been possible if you would not have trained Simbaa, the way you have - Reward vs reprimand in the form of firmness in behaviour, as against reward vs punishment. He listens to us because he loves to, knowing he will be rewarded. He never obeys due to fear. It makes such a huge difference. This was evident when Jet Airways allowed Simbaa to travel with Jiyon in the cabin as a therapy dog. With Simbaa around he was happy, calm and at times more composed than me when I am travelling :)... Jiyon kept patting Simbaa throughout the flight and Simbaa kept lying quietly down, sitting close to Jiyon's feet assuring him everything around is fine.

Therapy dog Simbaa playing with Parama and Jiyon Bhattacharya

We are blessed we have each other....

God bless!
Parama Bhattacharya
(Jiyon's mother)

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